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Publication for the creative and cultural market Nürnberg

The registered society “Zentrifuge – Kommunikation, Kunst und Kultur e. V.“, which runs an exhibition and event hall on the AEG premises in Nürnberg, now also publishes articles about creative and cultural events in and around Nuremberg. After a longterm workshop and preliminaries the publishing team, which has built the foundation of a publication for the creative and cultural market Nürnberg, has finally been put together.

About the project

„ON – Kultur und Kreativ Index“ is a magazine-like publication for the cultural and creative market of the European metropolitan area Nuremberg. Its purpose is – as far as possible – to draw an authentic picture of the cultural creators who live and work in the region, with an emphasis on the town Nuremberg in the first instance.
Mid-term the publication will present participants of the cultural and creative market from the entire metropolitan area and therefore focus on an improved transparency and a stronger publicity of the economic sector within and outside the region. 11 branches of the cultural market are the skeletal structure whereupon the content is textured. The final goal is to publish a print version of ON, the weblog is an intermediate step to achieve this target.
On the one hand the editors motivate creators from the cultural sector (artists, freelancers, initiatives, institutions, …) to put their own entries on the blog. These articles are reviewed and published by the editors. On the other hand the editors publish their own features. Different journalistic formats are intended – interviews, portraits, reports, coverages…
An event calendar and short messages are planned on ON, too. Even topics and projects beyond the borders of the metropolitan area(nationally and internationally) can be published, as long as they are pertinent to the Nuremberg metropolitan region and serve the interconnectedness.

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